Regional Music Project

The Regional Music Project began in 2001 to document, preserve, interpret, and promote the musical folklife and history of grassroots music in Carroll County and the West Georgia region. The project incorporates original field research, oral histories, archival preservation, live performances, school programs, website exhibits, and compact disc releases.

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The Regional Music Collection is a multi-format collection of audio and visual recordings, photographs, and other materials documenting West Georgia’s music traditions and history. The Collection is archived at the Center for Public History at the State University of West Georgia.

Special Note: The Center for Public History now houses the Sacred Music Collection that formerly belonged to the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. We are working to process the collection and finding aids should be available in January 2013. For more information on this part of our music collection, contact the Center for Public History.

A New Kind of Exhibit

For the 2012-2013 academic year, graduate research assistant Jared Wright will be continuing the Regional Music by producing the first exhibits in a series of online projects undertaken by the Center for Public History in partnership with the Georgia Department of Economic Development. The first web exhibit will be launched in the winter of 2012 and will feature the various traditions of shape-note singing that have thrived in the West Georgia region. In addition to tracing the history of shape notes in Georgia, the exhibit will highlight the lives and work of contemporary note singers and the important place that shape note music holds in their worship and communities. Contributors to the project include Hugh McGraw, who has been instrumental in preserving the Sacred Harp tradition in West Georgia, and the United Shape Note Singers, who recently worked with the Center for Public History to produce an album dedicated to the African American style of note singing.

matt hinton with usns usns @ jackson chapel baptist hugh @ holly springs

Compact Disc Collection

As part of the Regional Music Project, the Center for Public History has produced a collection of compact disc albums that feature the distinctive music traditions of the West Georgia region. Each album includes extensive liner notes that highlight the history of the music and its importance to the cultural heritage of West Georgia’s communities.


CDcover1Everybody’s Tuned to the Radio: Rural Music Traditions in West Georgia, 1947-1979

This award-winning compilation of historical, non-commercial recordings of old-time country, gospel, and bluegrass features local musicians from the by-gone era of live “hillbilly” music programs on the radio.

More information (music clips and liner notes)



AltonCDI Hear a Sweet Voice Calling

A collection of new and vintage recordings of old-time country music, traditional folk songs, and original compositions by Alton Stitcher, a West Georgia singer, songwriter, and guitarist who began performing on regional radio during the 1930s.

More information (music clips and liner notes)









Set_Your_Fields_on_Fire_2 Set_Your_Fields_on_Fire_1

Set Your Fields On Fire Volumes 1 and 2

These albums showcase over 150 years of sacred music in the West Georgia region, including shape note singing, black gospel, bluegrass gospel, spirituals, and southern gospel music.

Volume 1 (music clips and liner notes)

Volume 2 (music clips and liner notes)



DOC--album cover“God Was in Us, ‘Cause We Sung”: African American Shape Note Singing

God Was in Us, ‘Cause We Sung is a compilation of live recordings of African American shape note music collected from churches around the West Georgia region.

More information (music clips and liner notes)


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