Faculty & Students


The Center for Public History has a small team History Program faculty that serve as directors: Founding Director Dr. Ann McCleary and Assistant Director Keri Adams, M.A. Faculty direct graduate and undergraduate student researchers in variety of public history projects supported through community-based grants, consulting agreements, and other partnerships that support the Public History Program.

Dr. Ann McCleary

Ann McCleary, Ph.D. is a Professor of History, Founder and Director of the Center for Public History, and Coordinator of the Public History and Museum Studies Programs at the University of West Georgia. Learn more about Dr. McCleary on the UWG History’s website.

Ms. Keri Adams

Keri Adams, M.A. is a Lecturer of History, Assistant Director of the Center for Public History, and Advisor for the Undergraduate Public History Certificate at the University of West Georgia. Learn more about Ms. Adams on the UWG History’s website.

Student Researchers

The Center’s student researchers include graduate, post-baccalaureate, and undergraduate students. These student worker positions are meant to create practicum experiences for students that provides services to researchers, community partners, and the general public. All student staff are supervised by Center faculty or in agreement with our Partner supervisors.

Graduate and post-baccalaureate students in UWG History’s masters and certificate programs are hired as graduate research assistants that work with the Center for up to two years or for the duration of grant-funded project. Occasionally, other history and public history graduate students choose to study local or regional textile history for their master’s thesis essay and/or project and may be sponsored by Center faculty in their degree requirements.

Undergraduate students, typically History majors, are hired through various student assistant programs managed by UWG Career Services and the Honors College.

In addition, student staff may include both graduate and undergraduate interns for a single semester. Interns join us from several departments, including History and Art, and typically provide research  assistance and support for faculty and graduate staff.


Occasionally, the Center employs public historians and museum professionals through agreements with our Partners. These consultants work directly with our Partner institutions and maintain regular contact with Center faculty and Department of Art, History, & Philosophy staff.