About Us

Student Research Assistants and Faculty, Center for Public History, 2019-2020.

Our Mission

The Center for Public History researches, documents, preserves, and promotes public discussion of the history and cultural, architectural, and folklife resources of the broader west Georgia region. The Center supports the mission and programs of the History Program, the College of Arts, Culture, and  Scientific Inquiry, and the University of West Georgia. Drawing on the expertise and talents of university faculty and students through disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborative projects, the Center engages in a wide range of research and educational public outreach services and programs in its service region.

Our Services

Faculty and students at the Center provide consultation and services in historical research, oral history, folklife fieldwork, architectural survey, exhibit development, and public and community program development for the wider university service region. Center projects serve museums, local governments, historical societies and organizations, historic preservation groups, businesses, industries, churches, civic organizations, libraries, schools, community groups, and private individuals.

Our Facilities

The History Program’s Center for Public History is located in the lower level of Ingram Library on the university’s Carrollton campus. The Center creates and maintains an archives of all of its research and fieldwork activities in the west Georgia region and beyond. The Project Archives is open to the public for research requests and to visitors and research by appointment only.

Contact the Center for Public History with an interest in researching our project, research, architectural study, and oral history collections, cph@westga.edu, or by completing this online form.

Student Employment

The Center for Public History employs graduate research assistants, undergraduate research assistants, and independent consultants and directs graduate, certificate, and undergraduate interns and with support from the College of Arts, Culture, and Scientific Inquiry and the Department of Art, History, & Philosophy, as well as partnerships and agreements with the Antonio J. Waring Jr. Archaeological Laboratory, Georgia Humanities, the National Park Service, and regional and area museums.

Graduate Research Assistantships

Current graduate history students or interested upcoming graduate students should consult with Public History and Museum Studies Coordinator Dr. Ann McCleary for graduate research assistantships at amclear@westga.edu.

Undergraduate Positions

Visit the UWG Career Services website for open student employment postings or contact Assistant Director Keri Adams, M.A. with questions, madams@westga.edu.


Visit our program website regarding internship courses and guidelines. Contact Public History and Museum Studies Coordinator Dr. Ann McCleary at amcclear@westga.edu or Mentor of the Undergraduate Certificate in Public History Keri Adams at madams@westga.edu with any questions regarding Public History Internships (HIST 4486 / 6486) or an internship with the Center for Public History.

Academic Programs

The Center for Public History supports the work of UWG History faculty and graduate, post-baccalaureate, and undergraduate programs at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, Georgia. Our university is a part of the University System of Georgia.

Visit our program page for more information: https://www.westga.edu/history/

Graduate Degree & Certificates

Contact Public History and Museum Studies Program Coordinator Dr. Ann McCleary with any questions regarding Public History and Museum Studies Programs, amcclear@westga.edu.

Undergraduate Certificate

Contact Advisor Keri Adams, M.A. with any questions regarding the Undergraduate Certificate in Public History, madams@westga.edu.