Music Clips

1. I Wish I Could Have Been There, Sandra Byrd

2. Beautiful Home, The Sewell Singers

3. Babylon Is Fallen, Sacred Harp Singers of West Georgia

4. I’m Living in Canaan Now, United Shape Note Singers

5. We are Going Down the Valley, The Allen Quartet

6. Inside the Pearly Gates, The Holmes Family

8. I Shall Not be Moved, Gospel Expressions

9. What a Meeting, Joe and Gina Ables

10. The Dressing Up Room, Jackie Dobbs, Norvis Dunson and Mary Dedrick

11. I Never Shall Forget the Day, United Shape Note Singers

12. I’ll Never Turn Back, The Thomas A. Dorsey Birthplace Choir

13. Great Speckled Bird, Alton Stitcher

14. It’s Me Again, Lord, The Bluegrass Five

16. God is Watchin’, The Byrd Family

17. Get in the Spirit, The Simpson Sisters

18. When I Join The Happy Circle, The Steadman Junior Quartet

19. Talking to Jesus, Southern Dogwood

20. Run In Vain, the Heavenly Gospels

21. All of My Burdens, The Willing Workers

22. Talk It All Over With Him, the Bluegrass Five

23. He Will Set Your Fields on Fire, The Akers Trio