Music Clips

1. The Touch of Gods Hand, The Bluegrass Five

2. Anniversary Singing Welcome, Frank Freeland

3. I Believe I’ll Praise, The Piney Grove Baptist Church Choir

4. Heaven’s Really Gonna Shine, The United Shape Note Singers

5. Where the Soul Never Dies, Maumina and Pam

6. Just a Closer Walk with Thee, The Dixie Sounds

7. I’m Just a Nobody, Thomas “Bubba” Powell

9. Jesus on the Mainline, The Simpson Sisters

10. Roll, Jordan, Roll, Friendship Baptist Church Men’s Choir

11. Down to the Jordan River to Pray, The Velvetones

12. Walking Side by Side, Harold McWhorter

13. Satan Take Your Hands Off of Me, The Long Sisters

14. God is Wonderful, The Byrd Family

15. There’ll Be Joy, The Holmes Family

16. Spiritual Medley, The Gospelettes

18. God is Good, The Gospelettes

19. Where Could I Go But to the Lord, Alton Stitcher and Elizabeth Cooper

20. Have a Little Talk with Jesus, The Akers Trio

21. My Mother’s Bible, The Allen Quartet

22. Lord, I Want to go Home, The Hite Family