Music Clips

1. Theme Song, Uncle John Patterson

2. Billy in the Low Ground, Uncle John Patterson

3. Ground Hog, J.N. and Onie Baxter

4. Shes My Baby, Alton Stitcher

5. Freight Train Boogie, The Storey Sisters

6. Bile Them Cabbage Down, The Storey Sisters

7. Soldiers Joy, The Blue Bonnet Boys

8. Hold Fast to the Right, N.J. Defoor and Jim Embry

9. Kentucky, Alton Stitcher

10. Bonapartes Retreat, Joe “Red” Tyson

11. Wicked Path of Sin, The Radio Homefolks

12. Im Feeling Fine, Newt and Louise Holmes

13. I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling, Alton Stitcher and Elizabeth Cooper

14. New Depression Blues, The Storey Sisters

15. Whoa Mule, J.N. and Onie Baxter with Leon Newman

16. Stay All Night, Charles Cole and his Southern Kinfolks

17. Hillbilly Boogie, Charles Cole and his Southern Kinfolks

18. As Long As I Live, Charles Cole and his Southern Kinfolks

19. Down Yonder, Charles Cole and his Southern Kinfolks

20. Under the Double Eagle, The Radio Homefolks

21. Froggie Went A Courtin’, Alton Stitcher and Marshall Hannah

22. John Henry, Onie Baxter and Leon Newman

23. Leather Breeches, Joe Tyson and his Farmhands

24. Shortenin Bread, Leon Newman

25. Banjo Breakdown, Joe Will McGuire and Onie Baxter

26. I’ve Got A Longing to Go, Newt and Louise Holmes

27.  Footsteps of Jesus, The Radio Homefolks

28. Heavens Really Gonna Shine, The Sewell Gospel Quartet

29. Bring Back My Blue Eyed Boy, J.N. and Onie Baxter

30. Dance All Night With A Bottle In Your Hand, Uncle John Patterson and Ben Entrekin

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